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Video Release Form Template

Features of Video Release Form Template

More Features of Video Release Form Template

With SurveySparrow, sending and collecting video release requests becomes simple. Also, you can manage a database of requests that can be tracked anytime during or after the project.

Personalized Form

Use contact params and variables to call the actors, models by their name. Give them a more personalized feel while they are approving requests. When you share the form via an email, you can also create groups and type personalized emails based on their profiles. This video consent form template can be also be customized for students.

Device Friendly

This videography release form template is responsive on all the screens irrespective of the size. The form can be filled on mobile, laptop or tablet. This feature will minimize the time of respondents by letting them fill out the form at any place regardless of the time.

White Labeling

You can add your brand logo to this release form for video production. Adding a brand logo to the form will make you stand out of the crowd in terms of branding. You can customize the form using your own themes with the help of the CSS tool. With this feature, you can also customize your email survey and share it with the respondents.

Case Management

Create cases for unapproved releases, and assign them to the right members from legal teams. Have transparent conversations on the platform and address issues right away. Get email notification for every message conveyed.

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