Features of this Content Request Form Template

More Features of Content Request Form Template

Content Writing agencies or freelance writers having a requirement of more content to be posted on their website can use this content request form to increase your content and increase their brand awareness. Use various features of SurveySparrow to track and analyze the responses.

Library of Questions

You can use our builder to add a question type which you need. There are a spectrum of questions such as dropdown, rating type , multiple choice questions, date type questions and many others that can be used.

Multiple Sharing Options

This content request form is sharable using email,SMS or weblinks. You can even share the form on applications such as Slack, MS integration and Telegram. You can also create a URL with the company’s name in it, using a custom URL feature, and share it with the respondents.

Integrate with Apps

This request form template can be integrated with various applications to make the tasks of agencies or writers easier. You can integrate with Google Sheet to record the details of all the responses and generate reports based on it. You can integrate with various applications such as Slack, Microsoft Excel, Stripe, Monday.com and many others.

Interactive UI

Converse with the respondents through the content request form by asking them relevant questions pertaining to the content request. You can also add emojis, gifs or short messages in the form to make it more engaging for the customers.

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