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Consumer Brand Preference Questionnaire Template

Features of Consumer Preference Questionnaire Template

More Features of Consumer Brand Preference Questionnaire

This Effect of Advertisement on Consumer Brand Preference Questionnaire is designed to interact with your consumers in a more friendly way to understand how the advertisements impact their decision of selecting a brand. The consumer preference questionnaire is built using a conversational and engaging tone to ensure that the consumer is attentive while answering the questions.

Conversational Questionnaire

Use this questionnaire to converse with your consumer rather than just asking them to fill up a mundane questionnaire. Use emojis and messages to engage them and communicate with them better.

Picture Based Questions

Add picture based questions to your consumer brand preference questionnaire. This question type helps you in retaining your respondent’s attention and make it interesting for them. Besides, when using a picture choice, your consumers get better clarity on the brand preference survey questions and answers with more honesty.

Higher Response Rate

The strategy used to design this questionnaire ensures a higher response rate of at least 40%. Times when questionnaires and surveys are boring for your consumer, questionnaires designed like this are important to ensure a higher response and completion rate.

Multiple Sharing Options

Share your Effect of Advertisement on Consumer Brand Preference Questionnaire using multiple channels like social media platforms, emails, SMSes, shareable QR codes. Multiple platforms enable you to reach out to the maximum number of respondents.

Device Friendly

While expecting your consumer’s to respond to your questionnaires and surveys, it is important to think about their comfort level. Hence, this advertisement questionnaire for customers is designed to be device-friendly – be it a laptop, mobile or a tablet – it works perfectly fine on all of them!

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