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Credit Card Authorization Form Template

The credit card authorization form template allows you to collect and authorize credit card payments with ease, providing your customers with a convenient payment experience while safeguarding their data. Whether you’re a small business owner, a non-profit organization, or a large corporation, our user-friendly template can be customized to suit your specific needs. Explore the customizable features and adapt this template to fit your organization’s unique requirements.

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Features of Credit Card Authorization Form Template

Boost Efficiency and Security in Your Credit Card Authorization Process


Use Cases of Credit Card Authorization Form Template


A credit card authorization form ensures that a merchant has written permission from a customer to charge their credit card for a specific amount. This helps to prevent fraudulent transactions, since the customer’s signature verifies that they actually want to make the purchase.

Organize Cardholder Details

A credit card authorization template typically includes the customer’s name and billing address, the credit card number and expiration date, and the amount to be charged. SurveySparrow offers a range of question types that can help you capture and organize this information – like the Contact Form question type, Signature question type, Payment, and Consent/Agreement question type.

Set Payment Reminders

Automate payments and follow-ups. Send reminders to your customers who have not completed or have partially completed the cc authorization form. You can do this by scheduling a survey reminder time for the credit card authorization form template. You can also send messages to remind customers to fill out the credit authorization form.

Record Credit Transactions

When someone fills out a credit card authorization form, it generates a report with details about their card, like the expiration date and the type of card. You can even sort the report by filters – like the expiration date, and then remind people when their card is about to expire. Records like this can be useful later for things like accounting or resolving disputes.

Authorize Payments Across Devices

This customizable credit card authorization form works flawlessly on any device. As a result, your respondents have the leverage to use the device they prefer. This will make it easier for the respondents to fill up the form at their own ease.


Streamline Credit Card Authorization Process


If you regularly bill customers online, you can use this credit card authorization form template and workflows to automate the process, and make it hassle-free. Moreover, you can securely store card information – with permission from your customers, of course. This makes it easier to bill recurring customers online or through your Point-of-Sale.

Stripe Integration

The Stripe integration would help credit card companies take advance payments as a fee for the processing of a new credit card; in case of issues or withdrawals, this fee can be returned to the applicants.

Secure Forms

The security features prevent any data collected through this form from going into the wrong hands. All data can be password protected, limiting access to that data to only the respondents and the organization with the official account. Only trusted locations or networks can access the SurveySparrow account. These restrictions can be applied to both survey administrators and end-users.

Multiple Sharing Options

This form can be shared with potential clients through email embed, SMS, or by simply embedding it into the company’s website. The form can be fully password protected and can keep a record of the IP addresses for tracking respondents and preventing spamming. The IP addresses are tracked and noted in the Responses section of survey reports.

Unique Customer Journeys

The template will allow companies to create multiple stages that scale according to each unique customer’s journey. It would help them identify and establish the metrics that are important for various stages of credit card application and usage and track them all using the executive dashboard.

Executive Dashboards

This form would convert all collected data into insights that are measurable with the help of executive dashboards. Companies can schedule this form to be sent out annually or quarterly to clients and track their regular activities to offer them credit card upgrades.

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