Features of Credit Card Authorization Form Template

More Features of Credit Card Authorization Form Template

There is some risk whenever a credit card payment is made, and the card is not present. To reduce the risk of chargebacks, you could have your customer sign a document authorizing you to charge their card on an ongoing basis. And to make it convenient for you, SurveySparrow designed this authorization form template. It comes with a range of features that requires important yet basic details to be filled in for the completion of the process. This template can be used for authorization of a personal or a company credit card.

Library of Question Types

Surveysparrow’s feature offers a plethora of question types that can be used based on the intent of the questions to be asked. There are various types of questions, such as dropdown, multiple-choice, picture-based, date, contact form, matrix type, etc. Based on the information required, you can choose any question type for the credit card form.

Set Reminders

Use this feature to send reminders to your customers who have not completed or have partially completed filling up this authorization form. You can set a reminder time, this template will automatically send reminder emails to the respondents. You can also send SMS to remind customers to fill out the cc authorization form.

Generate Reports

When respondents complete the credit card authorization form, reports on various elements of respondents’ card, such as expiry date, business merchant name, and card type, can be generated. Based on generated reports the authorization to use a credit card can be taken from the customers. You can also sort the report based on criteria such as expiry date and then send reminders to the ones whose card is about to expire.

Device Friendly Form

This basic credit card authorization form works flawlessly on any device, including a laptop, desktop, mobile, and tablet. As a result, your respondents have the leverage to use the device they prefer. This will make it easier for the respondents to fill up the form at their own ease.

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