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Brand Perception Survey Template

Why use our Brand Perception Survey Template?

Perceive your impact with the Brand Perception Survey Template

Who can use a brand perception survey template?


The value of brand perception surveys is not just limited to a company’s marketing department. Here’s who can benefit from using them:

Marketers and Brand Managers

Brand perception surveys can help marketers and brand managers measure metrics – such as brand recall, recognition, and association – to judge the effectiveness of a marketing campaign. They also help marketers judge the effectiveness of a message, and refine their communication strategies accordingly.

Product Developers

This survey template offers insights into customer preferences, pain points, and unmet needs. By understanding how consumers perceive the brand and its products, product developers can refine product features and functionalities. It also gives them ideas for innovations – always a competitive advantage.

Public Relations Teams

This survey helps PR pofessionals assess the success of their communication strategies, and identify areas where brand reputation may be at risk. This allows them to proactively manage and enhance the brand’s image. Also, PR teams can use the feedback to refine messaging, address misconceptions, and ensure consistent, impactful communication across channels.

Company Executives

Brand perception surveys help executives make smarter decisions. By knowing how people see the brand, executives can find opportunities to grow, use resources wisely, and adapt business plans to fit evolving customer needs.

External Consultants

Marketing agencies and branding firms use this template to understand how people see a client’s brand. These surveys give consultants important information about the competition, what customers think, and how the brand can stand out. This helps them create customized strategies that boost the brand’s success.


Why is this form useful for brands?


Customization Survey Design

You can customize the template to ask questions specific to your target audience and brand goals. This ensures you’re gathering the most relevant information for your brand. For example, if you’re a trendy clothing brand, you might ask about design preferences, while a financial services company might focus on questions about trust and reliability.

Multiple Question Types

The platform offers a variety of question formats, like multiple choice, smiley ratings, and open-ended questions. This allows you to gather both quantitative data (numerical) and qualitative data (descriptive) for a well-rounded picture of brand perception.

Advanced Reporting

Analyze patterns, identify trends, and dig into the “why” behind the responses with custom filters and visual dashboards. Use the sentiment analysis feature to analyze the emotional tone of the feedback, categorizing responses as positive, negative, mixed, or neutral. 

Word Cloud

SurveySparrow’s word cloud feature helps you visualize key themes and emotions mentioned by respondents. This allows you to see at a glance which words and ideas are most prominent in the feedback, making it easier to identify areas of strength and weakness.

Multilingual Support

Break down language barriers. SurveySparrow allows you to create surveys in 50+ languages. This opens the door to gathering valuable feedback from a wider, global audience.

Mobile-Friendly Design

In today’s mobile-first world, accessibility is key. SurveySparrow ensures your surveys are optimized for smartphones and tablets on both Android and iOS. This allows people to participate in your survey on the go, increasing your response rate and making it easier for people to provide feedback.

Streamlined Workflows with Integrations

SurveySparrow integrates seamlessly with popular business tools. This allows you to connect survey data with your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, marketing automation platform, or ticketing system. This lets you analyze survey data alongside other customer information for a more well-rounded view.


How to Use the Brand Perception Survey Template

Step 1: Design the Form

Design the template to visually match your brand. Incorporate brand colors, logos, and fonts into the survey layout to maintain consistency with your company's overall aesthetic.

Step 2: Integrate the Form

Plug in your form into 1000+ applications via Zapier. Integrate with your preferred data visualization tools like PowerBI or marketing automation platforms to visualize your brand health and create more targeted marketing campaigns.

Step 3: Share the Form

Share the form through email, embed, QR code, text message or social media. Print offline or share as an offline survey for the wifi challenged.

Step 4: Analyze Data

Deep dive with rich data dashboards, real-time reports. Segment and sort the data with custom filters, share the reports as PDF files or export to SLSS or CSV.

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