Features of Wholesale Order Form Template

More Features of Wholesale Order Form Template

This simple wholesale order form template is equipped with features that help you get insightful information. Right from tracking previous orders, understanding the patterns and demographic of your customers, you can do it all!

Voice Transcription

Turn on the voice transcription button while you’re building the form. This enables the microphone button for your respondents. They can simply click on the button and start speaking instead of typing out long sentences. Therefore, making it easy for your customers to communicate what they’re exactly looking for.

White Labeled Form

It’s important to have your own branding on your order form. Why? It helps the customers to trust you more and connect with you better. So, we’ve enabled this template with the white label feature. It lets you add your logo, use brand colors, images, fonts, and a lot more. Furthermore, you even host the form on your own customized URL therefore making it more authentic!

Gain Rich Insights

This wholesale purchase order form comes with features like cross-tabulation, real-time reporting, advanced reports filter, and many more. The real-time reporting feature saves the responses soon after the submit is hit. The cross-tabulation feature lets you track and compare responses from previous forms and surveys. Use it to spot trends and patterns and understand your clients better. The advanced reports filters help you sort data as per your needs.

Send Reminders

What do you do when your customers don’t complete or miss filling out the form on time? Send them reminders manually right? But no more! SurveySparrow helps you there too! Simply set the time when your reminders need to be sent. It will automatically trigger emails as per the set criteria to your customers!

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