Why use our Purchase Intent Survey Template?

Make the best of business decisions & get them buying more with this Purchase Intent Survey Template

Purchase intent survey questionnaires have been here long enough. But what turns on the charm and gets your business those shopaholics? Definitely these features!

More Question Types

Whether you want to gauge their pricing decisions or rank their priorities or even know what they set their eye on, this template covers you! Choose from an assortment of question types to measure purchase intent effectively – picture choice, multiple choice, dropdowns, rank order, rating and more. Yay or nay, you’ll always know.

White-label Your Purchase Intent Survey

Never miss a chance to create brand awareness. Let them into your vibe early and get those incoming buyers! Everything from domains to favicons, brand logo, color palette, and font taken care of while you wrap those boxes. Get them talking even before you knock their doors by styling your purchase intent surveys to perfection with CSS.

Skip/Display Logic

Discounts not their thing? Your brand not their cup of tea? Little or huge intent to buy? Skip to the relevant questions and truly find out what’ll make them buy and what’ll make them your raving fans. No more unnecessary questions on their surveys! Creating and responding to surveys – never boring henceforth. Easy-peasy intent tracking powered by logics, all day everyday!

Multilingual Forms

Looking to expand your business to a different region? You may want to rethink the language of your survey! Want to make a statement by rolling out your buyer intent forms in a non-English language? Don’t overthink, because we have you covered with over 70+ languages that’ll get those customers talking easily. Diverse personas, diverse languages!

See it, to believe it.

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