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Hotel Guest Satisfaction Survey Template

Features of this hotel guest satisfaction survey template

All about hotel guest satisfaction surveys!

What decides success or failure for hotel businesses?

Success in the hospitality business greatly depends on the reputation you build for your target customers. What your customers say about you after they checked out of your hotel decides your success rate. Most hotel businesses are successful because of word-of-mouth publicity rather than advertisements or promotional campaigns. Generally, people ask for recommendations from their friends or colleagues while deciding their stay for their new family trip. Rarely does it happen that they trust the advertisement, even when there are attractive discounts.

Why do you need to collect guest feedback at your hotels?

The first step in building a strong reputation is collecting customer feedback in the hotel industry. getting to know what your guests think about your services and facilities lets you strategize the changes in the way your business functions. all questions like, do you need t train your service staff? Do you need to improve the quality of food? Should you work on creating a better ambiance? Is the maintenance doing a good job? And, many other questions will be answered by the guests if you include these in your guest satisfaction survey. By analyzing the responses you can then decide the priorities in improving the experience of your guests.

What are the types of hotel guest feedback surveys?

Based on the type of feedback to be collected there can be different types of hotel feedback surveys. A general hotel guest satisfaction survey consists of questions regarding all the aspects the guest experienced during the stay.

Guest feedbacks can also be collected at every touchpoint like laundry, room service, breakfast, dinner, lunch, recreation activities, buffets, etc.

The following surveys can be used to collect feedback at different touchpoints,
1. Food quality feedback survey
2. Room service feedback survey
3. Laundry feedback survey
4. Customer experience feedback survey
5. Recreational feedback survey
6. Restaurant feedback survey

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