Features of Potluck Invitation Template

More Features of Potluck Invitation Template

An interesting affair like Potluck, should have an interesting invitation right? This Potluck Invitation Template is the key! Use it to share invites to your friends and family and get confirmation on their presence instantly. It helps you reduce the effort of manually confirming your guests. This template not just confirms your guest’s presence but also finds out about preferences. Furthermore, this template can be used for various kinds of parties like Halloween, wedding, office potlucks or just a get-together!

Display/Skip Logic

Why make your respondent go through the entire process when they aren’t even attending the party? Use the Display/Skip Logic to skip all questions and directly enter the Thank you page. Again when they accept the invite, you can display questions to your invitees based on their preference! Interesting. Isn’t it?

Personalized Invite

A personalized invite always makes you feel good. So we’ve designed this potluck invitation where you can personalize it just by using variables and expressions. Use the question piping feature and contact parameters to personalize your invitation through and through with just a couple of clicks.

Send Reminders

This smart potluck invites template lets you send automatic reminders. That’s true! Send reminders to the ones who missed filling up the invite and to the ones who’ve partially filled it. All you have to do is to add your criteria and deadlines. This template will carry out sending reminders on its own!

Multiple Sharing Option

We understand that your invitees might be comfortable with various communication modes. So, this template allows you to share the invite using multiple platforms. Share it over different social media platforms or send SMSes to your loved ones. You could also share emails containing the invite. And you share QR links too!

Personalized Thank You Page

Make your invitees feel important and special, even if they aren’t attending the party. Based on the answers from your invitees, you can personalize the Thank You page too! Make different thank you pages for them with their names on it!

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