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Online Shopping Questionnaire Template

Is it the discounts, the collection, or the quick navigation – use this online shopping questionnaire template to find out what impresses your customers the most.  This online shopping survey is built using a conversational tone and assures a higher response rate of at least 40%!

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Features of Online Shopping Questionnaire Template

More Features of this Online Shopping Questionnaire

When you use surveys created with SurveySparrow to understand customer feedback on online shopping, you arrive at clear conclusions because of having better data at your pedestal. The conversational UI makes our surveys engaging resulting in better completion rates, and hence more responses. Although we have a bunch of amazing features, here are a few that will help you to conduct better online shopping surveys.

QR Codes

Our surveys can be shared with customers through QR Codes. Display the QR code on your website, they can scan it and answer online shopping survey questions. If you are collecting feedbacks at physical stores, to understand customers’ buying behavior, you can track the responses based on store locations. This feature can also be used to track responses from different webpages or websites.

GIFs, Emojis, Pictures

Make this questionnaire on online shopping interesting for your customers by using GIFs, emojis and images. SurveySparrow builder in integrated with Unsplash image library and GIPHY. Just search for the image or gif you want using a keyword and I will make recommendations to you. Use emojis in online shopping questions you ask to emote precisely and convey the right message and tone.

Trigger Email Share

Use our email share option to trigger an email immediately after your customers are done with checking out. Customize the email content based on the type of customer and set the trigger. SurveySparrow will take care of the rest. They can respond to the survey right in the email window itself.

Skip/Display Logic

Ask the right ecommerce survey questions based on what your customers have shopped. Use Skip/Display Logic feature to ask questions based on their responses. Make your questionnaire on online shopping customer satisfaction concise and relevant to every customer. Skip the unnecessary questions and display the necessary ones.

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