Features of this Newsletter Signup Form Template

More Features of Newsletter Sign-up Form Template

Add conversational touch to your lead generation process through this newsletter sign up form. Make your form beautiful, engaging and catch the eyes of your visitors.

Embed on Website

No need to write complex codes to embed this newsletter form on a website. Just select the type of embed of your choice and we will generate the snippet of code for you. You can copy paste the code in the body. You can embed it as a popup card, inline form or a chat and trigger it for conditions you want.

Blend with your website design

Use our builders’ customization features to design the newsletter signup form to match your website. Choose the predesigned themes from our collection or use Advanced CSS editor to code the look.

Google Sheet Integration

Generate a newsletter sign up sheet by capturing every response directly into a google sheet. You just need to toggle the integration ON and access the sheet in the same tab. You can segment your audience and categorize them. Add personalized touch to your newsletters.

Trigger the form based on conditions

Give conditions on your webpage for the form to get triggered. Maybe after they complete reading an article, or while leaving the page. Catch their attention and promise to offer them more. Our beautiful newsletter form promises more likelihood to get subscribed.

See it, to believe it.

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