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Fall Risk Assessment Questionnaire Template

Reasons you may fall for our Fall Risk Assessment Questionnaire

Gauge fall risks beforehand with our Fall Risk Assessment Questionnaire

With this fall risk assessment questionnaire, you can be assured that any potential falls are prevented, and necessary interventions are taken beforehand. Enriched with highly useful features, this questionnaire is your one-stop solution in meeting out the right care for your risk-borne patients. Make the best use of this questionnaire by knowing its cool features right away.

Conditional Logic

Any fall risk assessment tool is incomplete without valid and smart condition logic that are inbuilt into the questionnaire. With the skip logic feature, you can show or hide questions based on the respondent’s answers to previous questions. This can be especially helpful where certain questions may only be relevant based on the respondent’s answers to earlier questions. For example, if a respondent indicates they have arthritis, you may want to show follow-up questions about joint pain and mobility. But if they do not have arthritis, those questions may not be necessary. Display logic can also be made use of in a similar manner when you only want to display a particular question if it meets specific, pre-determined criteria.


We’ve empowered this falls assessment tool with yet another powerful feature a.k.a device compatibility. This feature ensures that whoever is accessing the questionnaire, be it a patient or a hospital staff, can view and complete the questionnaire on the device of their choice. Hence, if you as a staff member want to access the form from your hospital computer, you can do that very well. If you’re a patient of a particular hospital, you can choose to fill it out from your laptop. You can also take matters into your hands and complete the questionnaire from your tablet or smartphone. It’s easy as that. Nothing isn’t stopping you from getting the right care at the right time, bud!

Multiple Share Options

Once you’re done creating a top-notch questionnaire and customizing it to the last pixel, the only thing left to do is share it with your patients or whoever is in charge of filling out the form. And how do you do this? It’s as easy as handing out a paper to someone near you, with only the difference that the ‘someone’ is not near you and can be scattered anywhere but are in need of an assessment ASAP. With SurveySparrow’s seamless and omnichannel survey sharing, distributing your questionnaires is a piece of cake. If you want people to receive your forms through SMS, you can text them to their number. If you have a database of their email addresses, you can mail it to them easily, even through email embeds. You can also circulate a URL with the patient or staff. You can even place offline kiosks in your hospital and let the patient fill it out then and there. This works best if you’re located in a place with limited internet connectivity. You can also embed the form on your website and collect data easily.

Case Management

While sharing these questionnaires are crucial, getting those responses and acting on priority cases is even more important. Say hello to Case Management by SurveySparrow, a ticketing tool that lets you track, monitor and act on every case. You can assign priorities based on certain conditions, create specific workflows, track responses in real-time and assign a particular patient to the right doctor or department. This way, you can ensure that all the patients receive immediate care and are not left out in the process or have to wait in a long line to access immediate medical care and attention. You can even attach private notes to your teams inside each case so that every minute detail is taken care of and handled well by your team. Easy collaboration, easy care!

Advanced Reports

Now that you know most features of this falls risk assessment template, you may want to know about the icing on the cake. After you create, share, and collect responses for your questionnaire, gathering insights from the received data feels like a hectic task. But no more, anymore! With rich reporting and analytics modules, making complete sense of your data is more than just easy. Make use of our Executive Dashboard, which helps you slice and dice even huge amounts of data so that you can arrive at the right conclusion and start prepping your team to roll out the right intervention. You can create as many customized dashboards as you want. You can also create patient journey maps which help you compare a patient’s data within a given time frame by which you can identify fall risk patterns, if any. Make your reports, add the required filters, use the right widgets, and export your reports in PDF and SPSS formats.

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