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Body Mass Index Calculator

Use this customizable Body Mass Index Calculator to calculate the BMI of any human with few basic details. Besides being designed using a chat UI, you can make this BMI calculator more interactive by adding videos/GIFs as background.

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How to use this BMI calculator?

Lead a healthy lifestyle by using our Body Mass Index Calculator

Use Cases of Body Mass Index Calculator

Health and Wellness

Fitness apps keeps BMI as a benchmark to track fitness enthusiast’s progress and suggest personalized workout routines. These apps offer customized dietary plans and calorie intake recommendations. Also, researchers make use of this BMI data to analyze trends and identify risk factors for specific health conditions.

Life Insurance

Insurance companies consider BMI as an initial indicator of potential health risks. They categorize individuals into different risk groups based on various factors, including health history, lifestyle habits, and BMI. Individuals with a BMI falling within the normal range (18.5 – 24.9) are generally considered lower risk and are offered lower premiums.

Fashion and retail

Fashion and Retail utilizes BMI for size recommendations. Online retailers use these calculators to suggest appropriate clothing sizes based on user input. Additionally, understanding customer BMI distribution helps brands tailor product lines to specific body types and sizes, ensuring better product fit and wider customer appeal.

Sports and Atheletics

In professional sports, particularly those involving weight classes like boxing or wrestling, BMI might be used as a preliminary indicator for categorizing athletes. This initial classification can help streamline the competition organization process by placing athletes with similar bodyweight ranges against each other.

The benefits of body mass index calculator


Effortless to Use:

SurveySparrow online calculators has a conversational UI that require only your height and weight, making them accessible and convenient for anyone. Once you type in, it gives the calculated BMI quickly. You can get instant results and be aware of your BMI.

Sparks Awareness:

By providing a basic assessment of your weight category, a BMI calculator can spark a conversation about your overall health. This can motivate you to learn more about healthy weight ranges, ideal body composition, and the impact of lifestyle choices on your well-being. Our multilingual support cater to a wider audience by offering your calculator in multiple languages.

Motivation for Change:

If your BMI falls outside the healthy range, this calculator can serve as a wake-up call. It can motivate you to consult a healthcare professional and embark on a personalized plan to reach a healthy weight, potentially improving your overall health and reducing your risk of chronic diseases. Our mobile-friendly design ensures your calculator reaches everyone as it is optimal for viewing on any device.

Tracks Progress Over Time:

You can use a BMI calculator repeatedly throughout your health journey to monitor your progress. This allows you to track changes over time and note the effectiveness of the lifestyle modifications you’ve implemented. Observing the positive impact of your efforts can be a powerful motivator to stay committed to your health goals.

How to use Body mass Index Calculator



SurveySparrow enables you to add your logo and branding to make the calculator feel familiar and trustworthy. You can also add questions beyond just height and weight, such as your age, activity level, or health goals. This allows you to tailor the experience to your specific needs and interests. Define themes and fonts according to your brand.


SurveySparrow allows you to connect your BMI calculator with other tools and platforms you use, for instance you can connect to email marketing tools like Mailchimp and send automated emails with personalized information and resources based on the user’s BMI results.Store user data and track their progress over time within your existing CRM system like Hubspot CRM.


Once you’ve created your personalized BMI calculator, share it with others to spread awareness about healthy weight management. SurveySparrow allows you to share it via email, link, SMS, QR code,etc.


We provides real-time data visualization. Our advanced analytics allows you to see trends and gather valuable information and interpret them in an executive dashboard.This helps you gain a deeper understanding of how users are interacting with your calculator and make informed decisions about potential improvements.You can also export your data in formats like PDF, for further analysis.


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