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Features of this Asset Request Form Template

Manage IT Assets using this Asset Request Form Template

The first and foremost thing that needs to be understood here is that IT asset management is not a one-time project. It’s an ongoing process of maintaining all the IT assets be it hardware, software, and information. So, instead of looking at it as a one-time investment in time, effort, and money, there needs to be a streamlined process.

What does IT Asset Management mean?

Any IT company owns a number of assets like the laptops or PCs used by the employees, software licenses installed in those laptops, the accessories, and all other hardware. IT Asset Management is the process that includes,

  1. Asset allocation to the employees based on their requests,
  2. Identifying the issues with hardware and software assets and solving them,
  3. Procuring new assets based on the requirements,
  4. Setting up and maintaining a full proof asset tracking system
  5. Disposing off the expired assets

Protect assets from malwares

IT assets are used by all your employees across different offices but nobody owns anything. You never know if any employee is misusing the tool, software, or hardware device. If the employee uses pirated software or downloads malware unknowingly, there will be a lot of hassle. So, a streamlined asset management process is a must.

Improve operating costs

Some companies even hire teams specifically for asset management. In a number of cases, it has also been observed that a thorough IT Asset Management helps companies to reduce operating costs by 5% to 10%. How?

With IT asset audits, software remains updated with the latest licensed version, devices remain free from malware, thus preventing crashing down or data getting corrupted at crucial times. This results in better productivity of the teams.

Smart Asset Allocation

A thorough IT Asset management process gives a clear idea of the number of assets being used in the company and the purpose behind them. This data helps in forecasting the number of assets required and also prevents the unnecessary purchases of additional assets and software licenses.

Streamline Asset Requests

Using IT asset request forms, asset requisition forms, etc, employees can place their asset requests easily. And, the IT asset management team can then fulfill the request after it is being approved. This streamlines the process avoiding any kind of confusion between the departments or employees.

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