Features of Summer Camp Registration Form Template

More Features of Summer Camp Registration Form Template

The excitement factor of summer camp should reflect right from the beginning – from the registration itself. Isn’t it? Well, we thought the same. So, we’ve designed this Summer Camp Registration Form Template to be quirky, fun and interesting. Collect all the enrollments online and use other features of SurveySparrow to make the process simple.

Capture Picture

While registering for a camp – be it for art, sports, music, or dance, one must submit their photograph to complete the process. Use picture capture option in the form so that your registrants can click and upload their photographs as and when they fill up the form. Thus, eliminating the delay of uploading the picture or submitting physically.

Personalized Form

Start bonding with your registrants from the registration step itself with a personalized registration form. This editable summer camp registration form template lets you personalize it thoroughly. Use variables, expressions and customized parameters and create a tailor-make form!

Send Reminders

You must have a deadline for the registration. And we know, had you been dealing with it manually, it would have been a tedious task. So, this template makes it easy for you to deal with it. Design your form and set reminders. This template will send automatically to your registrants to all those who missed filling the form up or have partially filled it.

Recurring Form

Summer camps for youth camps are normally an every year affair. So, creating it every year would make it a mundane job for you. But, we’ve got you covered! Build your summer camp application form once and set the recurrence time. This template will carry out itself at your set time.

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