Features of our Travel Authorization Form Template

More Features of Travel Authorization Form Template

Fill out your employees’ work travel authorization information in a wink with this travel authorization form template. SurveySparrow is jam-packed with features; let’s look at a few more below.

Ready for Multiple Devices

You can now easily apply for your employees’ work travel authorization whenever necessary. Thanks to multi-device compatibility, you can access these forms on the go at any time and from any device. For user convenience, our templates prioritize mobile compatibility.

Notification via Email

A project manager completed a form for their employee’s travel authorization, but you failed to approve it? Don’t worry; this will never happen again. With this feature, you will be able to receive email notifications on who filled out your forms, eliminating the tedious task of constantly checking the dashboard. So, keep your chin up and relax.

Embed the Form

It is simple to incorporate this form into your employee management portal. Enable the inline embed feature to place your form anywhere on your portal. All you have to do is generate the code, copy it, and paste it. Yes! It really is that simple. We will handle the remaining details.

Accept Signatures

If you need to collect signatures from your employees, SurveySparrow has a signature acceptance feature that you can include in your travel approval forms. Employees can respond to this question type by uploading, drawing, or typing their signatures.

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