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Requisition Form Template

Enable employees to request goods or services easily with a requisition form template. A requisition template includes details like the item or service being requested, quantity, location, the date of the request, and the name of the employee making the request.

Use This Template

Features of Requisition Form Template

Use Cases of the Requisition Form Template

Even though it may feel like just another form to fill out, a requisition template is vital for your company’s procurement process. Without requisition forms, managing inventory can get really tricky, and employees might accidentally overspend or ask for things the company already has in stock. So, using these forms can save everyone a lot of headaches down the line.

Timely Procurements

A productive work environment depends on teams getting the resources they need, on time. Embed this requisition form template on your website or as a QR code to make it easily accessible to your employees. SurveySparrow creates code that can be either inline or pop-up. Simply copy and paste the code from the form builder into your landing page.

Purchase Validation

Need a faster way to manage and validate requests? Toggle on the Google Sheet integration to log all the details of incoming requests. Use this sheet to prioritize them accordingly, initiate or deny requests, track them and update the status. You can also segment them in sections for better data management.

Better Audit Trails

Requisition forms help to keep a record of materials requested during an audit trail. Simply collect the mandatory documents from the requester with the File Upload question type, and access all the documents in the dashboard. This creates an audit trail, reduces the risk of fraud, and maintains a standardized record system.

Response Tracking

Find out the most-requested goods and services. SurveySparrow’s integration with Slack and MS Teams allows you to share the requisition template with employees and track their responses. The requisition request form will be shared with the employees on Slack or MS Teams instanteously and their responses will be collected.

Why SurveySparrow?

In SurveySparrow, this sample requisition form template can be transformed into a tool to manage your requisition process faster and better. The moment you collect an employee’s requests, you can track the responses, create tickets for pending requests, and generate reports for each requisition order form.

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