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Hackathon Registration Form Template






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Features of Hackathon Registration Form Template

More Features of our Hackathon Registration Form Template

SurveySparrow comes with a host of features apart from the ones mentioned above. Using this template with the right features will not only help you to cover all other touchpoints other than only taking registrations. SurveySparrow helps you to manage your entire hackathon event effortlessly.

Create Beautiful Registration Form for your Hackathon Event

Our form builder has a collection of beautiful themes designed by us. They are both generic and specific themes that may go well with your organization or event theme. You can scroll down through and choose any of them.

If you want to create anything very specific with your logo and colors, you can create them using any design software and add them as a background.

Want more? Use our advanced CSS editor and play around with codes to create your own design. You can also have a transparent background. Yes, that would be cool, isn’t it? Embed the form on your website and let it blend in.

Wait, we’re not done yet. You can also add classy video backgrounds to this hackathon registration form template. This will make your form engaging, drawing more eyes for your hackathon event.

Integrate this Hackathon Registration Template with Apps

SurveySparrow supports integrating with apps like Active Campaign, Google Sheets, Slack, MS Teams, Google Analytics, and many others.

These integrations transform this hackathon registration form into a complete event management tool. You can export registrants’ details in a Google Sheet, track traffic on your event page and popup clicks using Google Analytics, and send notification emails using Active Campaign.

If you are organizing an event for your employees, you know how handy Slack and MS Teams integrations can be.

Make Hackathon Registrations Easy with QR Codes

If you are promoting events through banners, pamphlets, or any other visual media, QR codes can come in very handy. You can just display the QR code on your poster and interested participants can register for the event just by scanning the QR code.

So, we’ve got it all. You can embed the form on your website, send the form link through email, SMS, and also display QR codes on your print media!


Streamline Hackathon Registrations with this Template


Team Formation, Sponsorships or Mentorships

If participants have the option to form teams, the form can include fields for participants to specify their team preferences, allowing individuals to indicate whether they already have a team or are looking for teammates. Organizers can use the form to collect contact details, company affiliations, and areas of interest from potential sponsors or partners. This information can be vital for establishing and nurturing these valuable relationships. It can be used to collect information from judges and mentors, such as their areas of expertise and availability, ensuring the hackathon has qualified individuals to evaluate projects and offer guidance.

Data Collection and Analytics

In the interest of safety, collecting emergency contact details is important, especially for in-person hackathons. This information can be crucial in cases of medical emergencies. The form can include fields for participants to specify their preferences for event logistics, such as T-shirt sizes or other event-related materials, ensuring participants have a more tailored experience. Linking the form to data analytics tools would help track the demographics of participants, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions regarding marketing, event content, and future hackathons.

Notifications, Updates and Customized Follow-Ups

Capture email addresses on the form to keep participants informed about event updates, schedules, and other important information. For hackathons featuring pre-event workshops or training sessions, the form can help identify who is interested in attending. It can inquire about the topics they’d like to learn more about and their availability. Organizers can utilize the information collected in the form to send personalized follow-up emails, reminders, or other communication to participants, ensuring they stay engaged and informed.

Custom fields for Legal Agreements or Payment Information

Depending on the unique requirements of the hackathon, organizers can customize the template to include additional fields like project ideas, technical skills, or other specific information relevant to the event. If necessary, the form can incorporate terms and conditions or waivers that participants need to agree to during the registration process, ensuring legal compliance. If there is an entry fee for the hackathon, they may integrate payment processing into the form to securely collect registration fees from participants.

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