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Employee Productivity Questionnaire Template

Features of Employee Productivity Questionnaire

More Features of Employee Productivity Questionnaire

Help employees to improve their performance by asking right productivity questions about work culture, and their daily routine. Use features and integrations of SurveySparrow to make the questionnaire interesting.

Bank of Question Types

Add different question types in the questionnaire on employee productivity. Use Yes or No Question type to understand employees compatibility with the working hours and work culture. Collect detailed answers from the employees by using “type-in” or open ended question type.

White Labeling

Add the brand logo of the organization in the productivity questionnaire and establish trust with the employees. Customize the questionnaire with your own themes, fonts and colors using our builder. Generate URL of your own with the company’s name in it.

Send Reminders

Schedule reminder emails for the employees periodically and remind them to fill the work productivity questionnaire if not filled or is incomplete. You can set a time interval for the reminder mail to be sent.

Share At Ease

Make this productivity survey easily accessible to the employees by sharing it on multiple communication platforms. This questionnaire for work productivity can be shared on multiple channels. You can share this via SMS, Embed in mail or share web links to the employees.

Record Answers

This feature of SurveySparrow lets you record the responses of the questions by using laptop microphone. Reduce the time consumption of typing the answer by directly recording and uploading.

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