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Employee Availability Form Template

This Employee Availability Form Template is designed to gather all necessary information to understand whether an employee is available for a particular job. It’s a short and crisp form with no jibber-jabber that ensures no extra time is invested in filling up the same.

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Features of Employee Availability Form Template

More Features of Employee Availability Form Template

As an organization we know how important it is to understand if an employee is available for a job before forcing them to do it for the wellness of the employee and to reduce the attrition rate. So we’ve designed this Employee Availability Form Template that lets you gather all the information of employee’s availability, reason and unavailable time slots, thus, letting you assign a job without pressuring them.

Matrix Question Type

Amongst various other question types we have the matrix question type that lets you combine multiple questions that require similar answers into one. This question type lets you add scale points or text boxes to choose from. Pick the most appropriate type based on the type of answers you expect from your employees This helps you reduce the number of questions and the time required to fill up the form.

Gain Rich Insights

This work availability form lets you analyze your ongoing work in detail. It comes with features that enable you to compare responses and understand the actual amount of time taken to complete a task. Simply utilize this feature and compare previous responses to track the time taken to complete a task and to learn about an employee’s performance.

Personalized Thank-you Page

Personalizing a form is important, but when you personalize your thank you message, nothing can be delightful and effective than that. This schedule availability form lets you do so, making your employees feel important and understood.

Customized Themes

Choose from the pre-designed themes or customize them to make your own. Change the fonts, edit the background pixels, play around with the colors, customize the cascading style sheet – this template lets you do it all and in just a couple of clicks!

White-Labeled Form

White-labeling lets you personalize the form in accordance with your brand guidelines like adding your logo, colors and fonts. This gives a sense of familiarity thus making things more comfortable for your employees to answer honestly. The white-labeling feature also lets you host the form in your own customized URL!

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