Features of Employee Shift Swap Form Template

More Features of Employee Shift Swap Form Template

As an organization that works with shifts, it is obvious that you will get numerous shift change requests. And manually tracking, managing, switching all the requests can go haywire. Thus this Employee Shift Swap Form is designed by SurveySparrow to enable you with a swift shift change handling process. Not just accepting requests, you can use this form template to track previous requests made by an employee over a period of time and many more!

Voice Transcription

Every time when your employees are raising requests to change their shifts it is really time consuming to type out long sentences. Hence, we’ve introduced the Voice Transcription feature. All you have to do is to turn on the feature while you’re building the form. And your respondent will get to see a mic button. They can simply click on the button and start speaking!

Embedded Form

Manually sharing the Employee Shift Swap Form to your employees every time they request is pain. Therefore, we give you the easy option of embedding the form on your website, easily! We’ve already worked on the technical aspect. All you do is generate the embed code and copy and paste the same on your website.

Gain Rich Insights

This form template comes with features like cross-tabulation, real-time reporting, advanced reports filters, mail notification and many more. Thus this template saves the responses immediately after the submit is hit, and sends you email notification every time someone submits the shift change form. Furthermore, you can sort your data based on the employees, date, time-period, and so on.

Device-Friendly Form

In times of emergency, your employees might want to access the form from a different device. But don’t worry! Our shift switch form is compatible with any device – a laptop, desktop, smartphone or even a tablet. Thus giving your employees the comfort of using any device, anywhere.

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