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Presentation Evaluation Form Template

Features of Presentation Evaluation Form Template

Improve your presentation quality with this feedback form template


Benefits of this Presentation Evaluation Form Template


White Label Feedback Form

Create a branded evaluation form using your company logo, color scheme, and a custom URL. This professional presentation reflects positively on your brand and ensures consistency with your other communication materials.

Voice Transcription

Go beyond basic written responses by enabling voice recording for open-ended questions. This allows respondents to express themselves more freely, providing richer and more nuanced feedback that can be incredibly valuable for understanding their experience.

Get Actionable Insights

Analyze feedback data through intuitive charts, graphs, and widgets within the user-friendly dashboard. The clear visualization helps you identify trends and gain actionable insights, making it easier to collaborate with your team and implement improvements.

Set Reminders

Send automatic email reminders to nudge individuals who haven’t completed the evaluation. This gentle prompt increases response rates and ensures you receive a comprehensive set of feedback, leading to more accurate data and reliable conclusions.

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Who can use this Presentation Evaluation Form Template?


Educators and Students

Teachers can use this form to provide feedback on student presentations in a classroom setting, helping students improve their presentation skills and understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Corporate and Business Professionals

In a corporate environment, these forms can be utilized during training sessions, workshops, or meetings to evaluate the effectiveness of presentations given by employees, managers, or external consultants.

Conference Organizers and Attendees

At conferences or professional gatherings, organizers might use evaluation forms to assess the quality of presentations and speakers, while attendees can provide feedback on their experience.

Peer Review

Within any group or team setting, peers can use these forms to offer constructive feedback to one another after presentations, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

Research and Academic Conferences

Researchers and academics can benefit from feedback on their presentations at conferences or symposiums, helping them refine their delivery and the communication of complex ideas.

Public Speakers and Trainers

Individuals who frequently give public talks, lectures, or training sessions can use these forms to receive feedback from their audience, aiding in the enhancement of their public speaking skills.


How to use this template? [4 Steps]


Step 1. Customize the template

Personalize the template with your brand colors, fonts, and even a video background to grab attention. Tailor the questions to your specific needs, or use SurveySparrow’s AI Wing feature to rephrase them for improved clarity. For ultimate control, integrate custom CSS for advanced customization options.

Step 2. Streamline Data Collection

Connect SurveySparrow with your favorite third-party apps like Zapier, Mailchimp, Google Sheets, and many other for a seamless workflow. Connect to over 1000 apps through Zapier, manage newsletter campaigns with Mailchimp, and organize your data better with Google Sheets.

Step 3. Multiple Sharing Channels

Choose the most convenient method to share your form with your audience, offering them various options like a direct link, SMS, email, social media sharing, webpage embed, or even a QR code. This flexibility ensures everyone can easily access and complete the feedback form.

Step 4. Analyze and Take Action

Review the collected feedback within the platform with an user-friendly dashboard. Use the available filters and widgets to identify trends and gain actionable insights from the data. You can also export the data as a CSV file for further analysis in other tools, allowing you to take informed action and continuously improve your presentations.

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