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Conference Evaluation Form Template

Was the conference organized well? Did the speakers deliver content worthwhile? Know answers to these questions and more using this Conference Evaluation Form Template. Gauge your audience by asking the right post-conference survey questions and become better at organizing conferences.

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Features of this Conference Evaluation Form Template

More Features of Conference Evaluation Form Template

Customize this conference evaluation form template the way you want and collect feedback on the quality of conference from your audience. Here are a few more features that will help you collect feedback and analyze responses better.

Skip/Display Logic

Make the conference feedback form concise using skip/display logic. Ask only relevant questions based on the responses. Enabling this feature for a question allows you to either show or hide that question based on previous responses.

Customized Themes

Use pre designed themes from our collection to customize this conference evaluation form. Use advanced features to create your own themes that blend with your brand. With the CSS editor you can also code your own background.

Automated Reminders

Set automated reminders for this template and ensure that the interested ones never forget to share their feedback. Configure the time interval and frequency for reminders and let it go. SurveySparrow will send reminders based on the timings you’ve fixed.

Library of Question Types

Use different question types to collect comprehensive feedback for your conference. The builder has multiple choice questions, rank based question type, matrix question type, open ended questions, and many others. Enable sentiment analysis for open ended questions to get a word cloud in the dashboard.

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