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Vendor Satisfaction Survey Template

Features of Vendor Satisfaction Survey Template

More Features of Vendor Satisfaction Survey Template

Know your vendors, study their satisfaction levels overtime and make changes to the supply chain accordingly. Customize this vendor satisfaction survey template to create an engaging survey and send it across to your vendors.

Insightful Dashboard

The dashboard comes with different types of widgets, graphs, and charts which can be used to get insightful data using filters. Dashboards can also be shared with your team members and decisions can be arrived at through collaborations. Every response from the vendor survey is recorded instantly in the dashboard.

Set Reminders

After you customize this vendor questionnaire template, configure automated reminders for partial and non-partial respondents. The reminders will be sent through an email. You just need to set the time and write the email content. Sending timely reminders is SurveySparrow’s responsibility.

Mobile Friendly Survey

Our surveys are mobile friendly. They adjust themselves to the screen size without any misalignment in design and readability. Vendors can fill the questionnaire with no hassles, irrespective of what device they are using. Mobile phone, tab, laptop, or desktop.

Different Types of Rating Questions

While asking rating based supplier satisfaction survey questions use different types of ratings. These make the survey visually engaging and interactive, thus enhancing the survey filling experience of the vendors.

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