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Preschool Staff Evaluation Form Template

Our Preschool Staff Evaluation Form helps preschools enhance their educational process. Assess and provide feedback for teachers, empowering staff growth and improving educational experiences for young minds. Stimulate constructive conversations and promote a nurturing environment.

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Features for Preschool Staff Evaluation Form Template

How to use this preschool staff evaluation form template?


Sample preschool staff evaluation questions


1. Professionalism:

How would you rate the staff member’s overall professionalism and conduct?

Does the staff member adhere to the preschool’s policies and procedures?

2. Communication Skills:

How effectively does the staff member communicate with parents, colleagues, and administrators?

Can you provide an example of a situation where the staff member demonstrated strong communication skills?

3. Classroom Management:

How well does the staff member manage the classroom environment and ensure a safe and positive atmosphere for children?

How does the staff member handle behavioral issues among the children?

4. Interpersonal Skills:

How does the staff member build positive relationships with both children and their parents/guardians?

Can you provide an example of a time when a staff member effectively resolved a conflict among children?

5. Lesson Planning and Implementation:

How creative and engaging are the staff member’s lesson plans?

How well does the staff member adapt lessons to meet the diverse needs of the children?

6. Professional Development:

What steps has the staff member taken to pursue professional development opportunities?

How does the staff member apply new knowledge and skills in their daily work?

7. Teamwork:

How well does the staff member collaborate with other team members and contribute to a positive team environment?

Can you provide an example of a successful collaboration or team project involving the staff member?

8. Adaptability:

How well does the staff member adapt to changes in the classroom or program?

Can you provide an example of a situation where the staff member demonstrated flexibility and adaptability?

9. Child Development Knowledge:

How knowledgeable is the staff member about child development principles and milestones?

How does the staff member incorporate age-appropriate activities into the curriculum?

10. Self-Reflection and Improvement:

How does the staff member engage in self-reflection and identify areas for personal and professional growth?

Can you provide an example of a specific improvement or growth you have observed in the staff member?


FAQs on preschool staff evaluation forms


What is the purpose of the Preschool Staff Evaluation Form?

The form is designed to assess and evaluate the performance of preschool staff members in various aspects, including teaching, communication, professionalism, and interpersonal skills.

Who is responsible for conducting the evaluations using this form?

Typically, evaluations are conducted by supervisors, administrators, or designated individuals with a thorough understanding of the staff member’s responsibilities and the preschool’s expectations.

How often should the staff be evaluated using this form?

The frequency of evaluations can vary, but it’s common to conduct them annually or semi-annually to provide regular feedback and opportunities for professional development.

Is the evaluation form customizable to fit the specific needs of our preschool?

Yes, the template is designed to be customizable. You can modify or add questions based on the unique goals and priorities of your preschool.

Are the ratings subjective or objective in nature?

The ratings are typically subjective, reflecting the evaluator’s judgment based on observed performance and interactions. However, efforts should be made to ensure consistency and fairness in the evaluation process.

Can staff members provide self-assessments as part of the evaluation process?

Including a self-assessment section is a good practice, as it allows staff members to reflect on their performance and set goals for improvement. This can contribute to a more comprehensive evaluation.

How are the evaluation results used?

The results of the evaluations can be used for performance feedback, professional development planning, and making decisions related to promotions, salary adjustments, or continued employment.

What happens if a staff member receives a low rating on the evaluation?

Low ratings should be accompanied by constructive feedback and a plan for improvement. The purpose of the evaluation is to support professional growth, and supervisors should work collaboratively with staff members to address any areas of concern.

Are evaluations linked to salary increases or bonuses?

The link between evaluations and salary increases or bonuses depends on the policies of the preschool. Some organizations may tie performance evaluations to compensation, while others may consider other factors as well.

Can staff members provide feedback on the evaluation process?

Yes, feedback from staff members on the evaluation process itself can be valuable. It can help improve the fairness and effectiveness of the evaluation system.

Is there training provided for those conducting the evaluations?

Training for evaluators is recommended to ensure consistency in the evaluation process and to help evaluators provide constructive feedback.

How confidential are the evaluation results?

Evaluation results are typically considered confidential and are shared only with the staff member being evaluated, relevant supervisors, and those involved in the professional development process.

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