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Conflict Management Questionnaire Template

Features of Conflict Management Questionnaire Template

More Features of Conflict Management Questionnaire Template

This Conflict Management Survey Template is designed to give you a detailed insight of how your employees react and their ability to handle conflict situations. The survey questions used here about conflict management are asked using a conversational tone to ensure an honest response from your employee. Apart from that, this survey template comes with a lot of features to enable you with better judgement.

Gain Rich Insights

The real-time reporting feature saves the responses soon after the submit button is hit ensuring no delay and mismatch of data. Whereas, the cross tabulation feature lets you compare responses. With the advanced reports filter, you can sort the reports based on the questions, answers, respondent-details, etc.

Executive Dashboard

Use this Conflict Management Survey Template to sort all your data in one place. Gather data from previous from multiple surveys and collaborate them easily. Use different journey charts to understand the business metrics. You can also build multiple dashboards against a survey to have a better understanding.

Audience Management

Share your survey questions about conflict management easily. Export contacts from various sources like Salesforce, Google Contacts, HubSpot, Intercom, etc. and create custom audience lists. Sort your employees based on their departments, seniority, or any other criteria.

Survey Themes

Choose from a range of preset themes or create your own. This survey template supports both. Add your image, customize the background pixel, pick your own font and make it look like your baby! Besides, you can also customize the style and the CSS in just a few clicks. We’ve taken care of the technicalities.

Add Video Backgrounds

You can make your conflict management questionnaire more relatable. Add videos or images in the background to make it more engaging and interactive for your employees. This ensures better responses from the respondents.

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