Features of Transportation Request Form Template

More Features of Transportation Request Form Template

Collect transportation requests in a conversational way and manage the can timings effortlessly for your employees using this transportation request form template. Here’s what more you can do with our platform.

Google Sheet Integration

SurveySparrow in integration with google sheet lets you collect the responses of the employees directly in the spreadsheet. All the details of the employees such as name, email, pick-up and drop location and many others will be collected in the spreadsheet. Access the sheet directly from the integration tab.

White Labeling

A transportation request form with your company logo in it looks more authentic and professional. It plays an important role in internal branding. Apart from this, you can even add brand color, fonts according to company guidelines. You can also customize the form based on your requirements with your own themes. With a custom URL feature you can create your own URL with the company’s name in it.

Contact Forms

This feature in your form lets you collect the necessary information of the employees directly from a single question. You can grab the details of employees such as name, phone number, email-id and location. You can also add or remove fields according to your needs.

Embed Survey

This feature lets you embed your transportation form template in your email, SMS or on your website. This feature helps the employees to get easy access to the form. You can send the employees email regarding the transportation by embedding the form in it and customizing the email text the way you want!

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