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Client Onboarding Survey Template

Features of Client Onboarding Questionnaire Templae

More Features of Client Onboarding Questionnaire Template

Collect the information of the new client onboarding with the company through this onboarding questionnaire template. This questionnaire is equipped with multiple features of SurveySparrow that can be used to track and analyze the responses of the clients.

Multiple Sharing Options

Share this client onboarding questionnaire with your clients through multiple platforms. You can embed in the onboarding email, share the link manually, embed on a webpage with onboarding information, or even share it through QR codes. Through every channel, you can track the responses.

Google Sheet Integrations

Integrate your onboarding survey template with google sheets to collect the responses directly into spreadsheet. Avoid toggling between the responses and google spreadsheet by turning on this integration on your tab. Once the submit button is hit all the responses are collected in a sheet.

Library of Question Types

Ask virtual onboarding survey questions using our question types in our builder. We have rating type, multiple choice questions, dropdown question type and many others that can make the questionnaire engaging and interesting for the clients.

Mobile SDK

Make the questionnaire easily accessible to the onboarding clients through this feature. This feature lets you embed the questionnaire directly in your android or ios app by creating an enriching and a personalized experience for the clients. The moment the client opens the app, they can directly access the questionnaire in just a click.

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