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Return to Work Form Template

Features of Return to Work Form Template

More Features of Return to Work Form Template

Due to the epidemic, there was a significant shift in employee working culture, with the majority of enterprises shifting to an online mode. As the pandemic has subsided, many employees intend to work from the office rather than from home. This template is intended for those who are planning to return to work. With the features of SurveySparrow, the usage of this return to work form template goes beyond just being a data collection tool.

Integrate with other Apps

SurveySparrow is integrated with apps like Slack and Microsoft Teams which are used by organizations across the globe. Share this return to work template with employees and track their responses instantaneously. Individual replies can also be collected by clicking on the response tab of MS Teams. These apps will aid in the collection and analysis of employee responses.

Library of Question Types

This return-to-work form template has a variety of question types. Drop down, multiple-choice, picture-based question, date, contact form, matrix type, etc. Use other question types from our builder to customize the template. Select the most apt question type for the question you are asking. You can also make your questions more interactive by including emojis.

Survey Themes

People who are returning to work will find it more appealing to complete a well-designed survey rather than a dull-looking poll. SurveySparrow offers a plethora of template themes that will improve the appearance of the back-to-work form template. You can change the background, alter the CSS, add images, and do a variety of other things.

Executive Dashboard

The Executive Dashboard from SurveySparrow allows you to design a dashboard for your survey in order to visualize the survey data by using various graphs, charts, and widgets. HRs and departmental managers can use the dashboard to see the responses and make work schedule decisions based on the employee’s return date.

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