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Customer Pulse Survey Template

Customer Pulse Survey Template helps you gauge your customer’s feelings towards your company, and help you formulate an action plan accordingly. Engage your customers and figure out their expectations from you. The template already has some sample pulse survey questions.

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Features of customer pulse survey template

Know your Customer Pulse using SurveySparrow

Recurring Surveys Feature

These surveys are often conducted regularly to gauge customers’ ongoing sentiments and experiences. The recurring surveys feature allows you to set up surveys automatically sent out at predefined intervals, ensuring consistent data collection over time.

The recurring survey feature can be used to schedule and automate this survey. This ensures you can track changes in customer perception, satisfaction, or feedback over specific periods, providing valuable insights into trends and patterns.

Customer Journey Map

Understanding the customer journey is crucial for designing effective surveys. Mapping the customer journey helps identify touchpoints where feedback is most valuable and relevant.

This survey can be customized based on different stages of the customer journey. You can gather targeted feedback related to each phase by aligning questions with specific touchpoints. This feature enhances the relevance of your survey and allows you to address specific aspects of the customer experience.

Reminder for Partial Respondents

It’s common for respondents to start a survey but not complete it. Sending reminders to partial respondents can help improve survey completion rates and ensure more comprehensive feedback.

It allows sending reminders to respondents who have partially completed surveys. This feature helps encourage participants to finish the survey, leading to a higher response rate and more representative feedback for your customer pulse survey.

Multiple Sharing Options

To maximize survey participation, providing convenient and varied options for sharing surveys with your audience is essential.

The template supports multiple sharing options, including email, social media, and website embedding. This flexibility allows you to reach your customers through channels they are most comfortable with, increasing the chances of engagement. The platform’s diverse sharing options make it easy to distribute customer pulse surveys across various touchpoints.

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