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Community Needs Assessment Survey Template

Features of Community Needs Assessment Survey Template

More Features of Community Needs Assessment Survey

Using this community needs assessment survey template with SurveySparrow, you can refine your housing communities for the residents. Each time you circulate a survey and collect responses, track them on our dashboard and keep improving the amenities at your housing society. Here are features that will help you do that,

Customize the Questionnaire

Make changes to this community needs assessment template using our builder. Add more questions to this sample, add your own background design, change the font, and also remove SurveySParrow branding using our white label feature. You can also use an advanced CSS editor to code your own design.

Library of Question Types

With different types of question types in our builder, you can ask all types of community survey questions. Our questions types include rating based, multiple choice, matrix type, slider type, also open ended questions. You can enable sentiment analysis on open ended questions to get a word cloud. This will help you to know the exact sentiment of the respondents.

Executive Dashboard

Convert the data into actionable insights using the dashboard. You can create different types of graphs, widgets, and charts to visualize data. Drag and drop on the screen to adjust visibility and alignment according to your convenience. Share with other members and collaborate on decision making.

Automated Reminders

Configure reminders for the needs assessment questionnaire to make sure that most of the residents fill the survey. Once you send the survey, you need to set the time period and write email content. SurveySparrow will send reminders to those who have not responded to the survey or filled it partially.

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