Features of Employee Guarantor Form Template

More Features of Employee Guarantor Form Template

Customize this employee guarantor form template the way you want. The features of SurveySparrow will help you with better data management, form filling experience, and get rid of a lot of paper-work.

Make it your own

Use our builder to add more questions, change the background, choose the right font and also adjust the button colors. Using our builder you can redesign this employee guarantor form to go with your internal branding guidelines. Also, you can use an advanced CSS editor to code out the background as well.

Easy to fill

The mobile friendliness and engaging user interface makes it easy to fill the form. A guarantors form usually has a lot of details to fill. But, with on detail at a time design, the form kind of guides the respondents through it. The process is smooth without asking everything at once to the respondent.

Multiple Sharing Options

Share the form with guarantors through multiple ways. Right from direct link sharing, SMS, email sharing, embedding it on a webpage, or QR code. The form can be made easily accessible to the guarantors through any of these suitable ways. No hassles!

Custom Domain

One of our white label features is creating custom link for the form. Use your company’s name in the link and make your sharable link look authentic and professional.

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