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Yoga Class Registration Form Template

Use this Yoga Class Registration Form Template to accept registrations for your newly commenced yoga class. This form template is designed to be interactive and quirky to motivate people to join the class. It comes with a lot of other features to benefit your business. Read along to know more.

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Features of Yoga Class Registration Form Template

More Features of Yoga Class Registration Form Template

Administering yoga course admission manually can be hectic especially when you have to do it manually. This Yoga Class Registration Form Template helps you ease out the process in just a couple of clicks. Furthermore, this form comes with a lot of other features to help you handle the backend process smoothly, too!

Photo Capture

Apart from many other question types, this yoga enrollment form comes with a unique question type – photo capture. It lets the respondent click and upload pictures then and there thus reducing any delay dallying.

Accept Payments

Let your respondents complete their registration for yoga class over this form itself. Accept payments directly through the form using Stripe integration. This template establishes a secure connection using ‘https’ and all your transactions are handled by Stripe. So, shed all your worries! Besides, in case of online classes where you’ll have students from all over the world, Stripe lets you accept payment in multiple currencies!

Video Backgrounds

Make your enrollment form more engaging and encourage more people to complete the enrollment. Add videos and images as your background of the form. Pick videos that are relatable to your brand and what you intend to do!

Display/Skip Logic

This intuitive form template comes with a display/skip logic feature. Turn it on to display or skip a question based on your respondent’s previous answers. This ensures that your respondent doesn’t have to go through irrelevant questions making it more engaging plus, it reduces the turnaround time to fill up the form.

Send Reminders

We’ve reduced your efforts of following up too! You can add automatic reminders using this template. Add your criteria and this template will send reminders to the ones who’ve missed filling up the form or have partially filled it.


Benefits of the Yoga Class Registration Form Template


Class Capacity Management and Attendance Tracking

Participants can use the form to choose specific classes and times they want to attend. Instructors can use this data to schedule classes that meet demand and interest. The template can be customized to help instructors monitor class sizes and prevent overcrowding. It can be used to provide a record of attendance just by adding simple yes/no questions, simplifying the tracking of who attended which class and when. Instructors can use this data to assess the popularity of various classes and ensure accountability.

Health Assessment

The form can include multiple-choice or description-type questions about participants’ health conditions, injuries, and fitness levels. This information allows instructors to adapt their teaching to accommodate special needs or limitations and provide a safe and inclusive environment for everyone. This data can later be analyzed during expansion activities to include special arrangements for people with health problems. This will help improve the brand image of the organization and drive more people to participate.

Emergency Contact Information and Communication

In case of an accident or health emergency during a class, contact information collected in the registration form can be used for quick response and communication with next-of-kin. This information can also be used to send them newsletters, updates, and personalized follow-ups about their diet or habits. These could be set to happen regularly via email or text message. Effective communication would help keep participants informed and engaged with the studio.

Waiver and Liability Release, Payment and Fee Collection

Yoga classes often involve physical exertion and potential risks. There could be a waiver section in the form that ensures that participants are informed about these risks and accept responsibility, protecting the yoga studio from liability. They can get a digital signature from them on this waiver through signature questions. The form can integrate a payment option using Stripe, making it easy for participants to pay for classes or memberships. It can also provide flexibility by accommodating various payment methods.

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