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Website Intercept Survey Template

Use this Website Intercept Survey Template to record the at-the-moment experience of your respondents. This template is crafted carefully using a conversational tone to ensure a higher response rate of at least 40%. Also, this website survey enables you to compare responses and gain rich insights.

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Features of Website Intercept Survey Template

Website Intercept Survey Template - Use Cases & Features


Use Cases: Website Intercept Survey Template


User Experience Improvement

When a website wants to enhance its user experience, Trigger a survey when users spend a certain amount of time on the site or visit key pages to collect feedback on the overall usability, design, and navigation.

The survey can include questions about the ease of finding information, the clarity of navigation menus, and suggestions for improvements. Users may also be asked about specific pain points or issues they encounter while browsing.

Content Relevance Assessment

When a blog or content-heavy website wants to understand the relevance of its articles, Trigger a survey for users who spend a significant amount of time on specific blog posts, asking them to rate the relevance of the content and provide suggestions for improvement.

Questions can focus on the user’s level of interest in the content, whether it addresses their questions or concerns, and if they would like to see more similar content. Feedback on writing style, tone, and visuals can also be valuable.

Post-Purchase Feedback

When a user has completed a purchase on an e-commerce site, Send a survey to customers after they have made a purchase, asking about their shopping experience, satisfaction with the product, and likelihood of making future purchases.

The survey can include questions about the ease of the purchasing process, the condition of the received product, and the overall satisfaction with the shopping experience. Additionally, customers can be asked about factors that influenced their decision to make a purchase.

Website Redesign Feedback

When the website undergoes a redesign. Present a survey to users who visit the site after the redesign, collecting feedback on the new layout, design elements, and any issues they may have encountered.

Questions can address specific aspects of the redesign, such as the visual appeal, ease of navigation, and whether users found it intuitive. Feedback on any technical issues, like broken links or slow loading times, can also be valuable for identifying areas that may need improvement.


How SurveySparrow helps with website intercept surveys


Conversational Surveys

SurveySparrow’s conversational survey format makes the survey-taking experience more engaging and user-friendly. Conversational surveys mimic natural conversations, increasing the likelihood of users providing detailed and thoughtful responses.

Skip Logic and Branching

The form allows you to implement skip logic and branching in your surveys. This feature ensures that respondents are presented with questions that are relevant to their previous answers, creating a personalized and efficient survey-taking experience.

Embedded Surveys

With the embedded survey feature, you can seamlessly integrate surveys into your website. This is especially beneficial for this survey, as it allows you to present surveys to visitors at specific touchpoints, such as after spending a certain amount of time on a page or before exiting the site.

Piping and Variables

Advanced features like piping and variables enable dynamic content in surveys. For this survey, you can personalize questions based on user behavior, ensuring that the feedback requests are tailored to specific interactions users had on the website.

Multi-Channel Distribution

This survey can be distributed through various channels, including email, web links, and social media. This flexibility enables you to reach users through multiple touchpoints, increasing the chances of capturing feedback from a diverse audience.


Automation features allow you to schedule surveys and automate the sharing process. This is particularly useful for intercept surveys as it ensures timely delivery of feedback requests based on user actions, such as time spent on a page or specific interactions.

Integration Capabilities

SurveySparrow integrates with various third-party tools, including CRMs and analytics platforms. This integration allows you to correlate survey responses with other data, providing a comprehensive view of user interactions and enabling data-driven decision-making.

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