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Quality of Life Survey Template

The quality of life survey template helps you gauge the satisfaction level, including various aspects such as health, financial well-being, education, leisure time, safety, and general well-being in the immediate environment. It can be beneficial for healthcare institutions and survey companies.

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Features of Quality of Life Survey Template

Enhance your organization's holistic wellness using our Quality of Life Survey Template

The Use Cases of Quality of Life Survey Template


Healthcare Providers

It helps doctors check how patients feel and if they’re happy with their medical care. Use this Survey Template to ask about their physical health, emotions, and social aspects of life. This data helps doctors make better treatment plans and improve how patients get better.

Educational Institutions

Assess how educational programs and campus resources affect students’ well-being. Use this template to measure student satisfaction with academic support, facilities, and extracurriculars, helping institutions improve the student experience. This survey aids in the overall success of the students.

Mental Health Clinics

Evaluate how mental health treatments impact patients’ lives. Use the template to measure if they feel happier, have improved relationships, and manage daily tasks better. This template assists clinicians in creating treatment plans tailored to patients’ needs for holistic care.

Urban Planning Departments

By gathering input from residents, we aim to enhance city living. With the template, we assess essential aspects like park availability, public transportation, and affordable housing. This valuable data empowers city planners to design communities that offer improved quality of life and benefit all residents.

The Benefits of Quality of Life Survey Template


HIPAA compliant

SurveySparrow is a HIPAA-compliant survey builder, and we ensure that the data collected in the survey is safe and secure (GDPR and CCPA compliant as well). These make people trust the survey and feel good about sharing their thoughts to improve the community. We ensure that we use the data we collect for community development initiatives.

Skip/Display Logic

Customize survey flow based on respondent answers, presenting relevant questions and skipping irrelevant ones. This feature creates a personalized survey experience tailored to each respondent’s circumstances so they stay interested and give better answers about quality of life.

Multi-Language Support

Our platform has a Google Translate option built into the survey builder that translates over 130+ languages. We offer surveys in different languages so everyone in the community can take part. This inclusivity ensures everyone’s voice is heard and helps gather different views on quality of life.

Offline Survey Access

Our offline app allows respondents to complete surveys even without an internet connection. We ensure data collection is continued even in areas with limited connectivity, thus increasing accessibility for residents in remote areas.

10 Sample Quality of Life survey questionnaire

How satisfied are you with your current living environment?
On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your overall health and wellness?
Are you happy with the accessibility and quality of healthcare services in your community?
How often do you engage in physical exercise or recreational activities?
Do you feel safe and secure in your neighborhood?
How would you rate the availability and affordability of healthy food options in your area?
Are you satisfied with the cleanliness and maintenance of public spaces in your community?
How connected do you feel to your neighbors and local community?
Are you happy with the quality and availability of public transportation in your area?
How often do you experience stress or anxiety in your daily life?

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How to Use Quality of Life Survey Template



Comprehensive customizations are possible. Yes! You can tailor the questions independently or use our AI wing feature. Customize font color, style, and themes that align with your brand. CSS customization features can create or modify the appearance and layout of a template. Also, the white labeling feature is used to create a custom domain that enhances authenticity.


Once you customize the template, start connecting with apps. Our platform has multiple integrations, including Intercom integration for interactive chatbot conversations, Google Sheet integration for extensive data collection, Power BI integration for identifying trends, and Zapier. This third-party integration helps you integrate with more than 2000+ apps.


SurveySparrow has multiple sharing options, including SMS, shareable links, email, WhatsApp, QR codes, offline devices, email embed, and other social media platforms. The website embed feature allows users to access and complete the form without leaving the website. Similarly, the inline and popup embed feature provides a seamless user experience.


Once you collect the data through the survey, it has to be analyzed. You can also track partially completed responses and set up follow-up emails. SurveySparrow’s advanced analytical features and executive dashboard make the analysis process simpler. This dashboard breaks the data into bars, graphs, charts, etc. You can also export the collected data into PDF for further analysis.

How SurveySparrow Helps Enhance Your Quality of Life

SurveySparrow is a one-stop solution for refining experiences through interactive surveys. Create any visually stunning and engaging surveys with SurveySparrow. Integrate with your favorite tools, analyze your responses, and get real-time reports.

Through customizable surveys, SurveySparrow assesses factors such as healthcare access, social relationships, and environmental conditions, providing a holistic view of your quality of life. SurveySparrow’s analytical tools help you understand your needs and allow healthcare providers and community leaders for your enhanced well-being. Here’s a quick know-how about SurveySparrow


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