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Free QR Code Generator

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How to generate the QR code?

A simple 3-step process to guide you through!

Choose type

Be it URL, Survey, Email, vCard, Text, or PDF, you may choose the required to create QR codes. You can expect more QR code types added soon!

Drop the details

Enter the data required in the corresponding fields. Use the advanced design customizations to suit your needs. And your QR code is ready to be generated!

Download the QR Code

Generated QR codes will be available in different formats. Choose from JPEG, PNG, and SVG to download the QR code according to your requirements.

What is a QR Code

QR code, the Quick Response code, is a type of barcode that stores information in a series of pixels. The online information stored can be accessed using a smartphone’s camera. The ease of usage makes the QR code most sought after for accessing information instantly.

QR code supports various data types, including Binary, Numeric, Alphanumeric, Kanji, and Hiragana. Primarily, QR codes are classified as static and dynamic QR codes. The information in static QR codes can’t be edited, while a dynamic QR code allows you to edit its information.

Create your free QR codes for different data kinds.


Enter any URL of your choice to create QR codes. Store the web links to websites, applications, YouTube, and more. Take your customer to the corresponding page seamlessly.


Roll out your surveys using the QR code generator. Make it easier for the audience to take the survey on the go. Get them started with your surveys!


Get your PDF documents digitized to QR codes. Distribute them to your audience without breaking a sweat. We can sense you feel relieved already :)

Visiting Card

Get your custom-built elegant visiting card in the form of QR codes. Establish valuable contacts in a contactless manner. All it takes is just a scan!


Help your audience by populating email drafts with QR codes. Fast track creating the recurring request emails. Smoothen the process in a blink of an eye!


Enter any text of your choice. Post it in the audience’s search engine upon scanning the QR code. Get your audience to explore the information online.

Benefits of Free QR Code Generator

Save time with QR codes.

QR code allows you to capsule information easily. You can save a ton of time with the digital transmission of data. Deploy the QR code at multiple places of your need. With no waiting period, audience assistance is taken care of forever. Create, share and move on to you your task.

Call to action is just a scan away.

For sharing and collecting data offline, QR codes hold the forte. Share links to your social media and collect data instantly. Present a seamless customer experience to improve your business. Increase the amount of traffic flocking to your business across channels. Just signal and capture them all!

Manage your resources efficiently

Allot the recurring tasks to QR code. Delegate your resources efficiently for more critical tasks. Utilize QR codes to hustle with monotonous work. It reduces the cost of resources you’d need otherwise to scale up your business. Let the QR code do the hard slog. Prevent the burnout of your resources.

Access data easily on the go.

Website, survey, location, or a document - create the QR code once and deploy it anywhere. With smartphones everywhere, accessing data through QR codes is the easiest. Place the QR codes anywhere and just direct your audience. At the comfort of their palm, you can pass on the information.

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