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Website Design Request Form Template

This Website Design Request Form Template streamlines the collection of design requirements, offering a customizable and interactive solution. With white-label features, tailor the form to match your brand, enhancing professionalism. Share it easily via SMS, QR codes, website embeds, or direct links for broader reach. The template supports file and video uploads, allowing clients to provide detailed references. Plus, picture choice questions enable clients to convey their design preferences, such as color schemes, visually. Efficiently manage and assign requests through the dashboard, optimizing your design workflow.

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Features of Website Design Request Form Template?

Streamline Website Design Requests using this template


How to use this website design request form template


Customization and White Labeling

You can fully customize the template to align with your branding and specific requirements. The white label features enable you to add your company’s logo and branding elements, creating a professional and consistent appearance.

Easy Export and Assignment of Requests

Once requests are received, you can easily export them from the dashboard. This facilitates the efficient assignment of design tasks to the appropriate designers on your team, streamlining the workflow.

Multiple Sharing Options

Share the form with clients through various channels like SMS, QR codes, website embeds, or direct links. This multi-channel approach ensures accessibility and convenience for clients to submit their design requests.

File/Video Upload Feature

Clients can upload files or videos directly within the form. This feature is particularly useful for sharing design references, ideas, or specific instructions, providing a clearer understanding of their requirements.

Picture Choice Questions

Incorporate picture choice questions to offer visual options, such as color schemes or layout styles. This interactive question type helps clients to visually communicate their preferences, enhancing the accuracy of the design output.


Who can use this Website Design Request Form Template


Businesses Seeking Website Redesign

This template is very useful for any business planning to revive its online presence. It also enables them to give some suggestions about remodeling including increased mobility, new branding, or more capabilities. Designers are able to fully appreciate the reason as to why re-design is needed through customizable fields which ease the process of changing a new design.

Startups and New Ventures

The name of this template speaks for itself because it represents a chance for some new enterprises or start-ups to make their entry into the realm of the Internet. It records everything unique to a new business venture; layout and functionalities preferences. A brand identity and organizational purpose should also be manifested in the site’s design.

E-commerce Platforms and Online Stores

Most e-commerce platforms employ this template as they strive to achieve an optimized storefront. This allows a client to draw critical points like how the product is presented, checking out procedures among other user experiences which should never alter the purpose of ecommerce. This allows for customization of the form, which in turn provides the option of building a user-friendly, sales-oriented ecommerce site.

Creative Agencies or Design Firms

It is usually applied in the context of a creative agency seeking extra data for an upcoming project from a potential customer. Agencies configure fields as required by a specific client’s demand. Simply, this implies the clients expect their expectations to be satisfied by the work of the designers.

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