Features of Classroom Observation Form Template

More Features of Class Observation Form Template

In order to upgrade your teaching methods, a regular classroom observation program is much required. But recording the observation data manually can be tedious, and is prone to manual errors. Hence, we designed this classroom observation form template that lets you record the data eliminating the delays and errors. Furthermore, this template is equipped with many other features to review your data easily and take actions based on it accordingly. This form template can also be used for the purpose of teacher observation.

Matrix Question Type

Amongst a varied range of question types, this teaching observation form template comes with the matrix question type that lets you combine multiple similar questions into one. This reduces the effort of your respondent and makes the form shorter and more engaging. This question type can be used for rating type and open ended questions.

Recurring Forms

The requirement of classroom observation is recurring and so is the need for the form. So, SurveySparrow’s recurring survey feature comes handy here. Design your form, set a stipulated time and relax. This template will automatically carry out itself at the set time.

Customized Themes

A well-designed form is not just about good questions, it also requires some good looks to engage your respondents. And we’ve taken care of it! We’ve designed a number of themes which you can apply with just a few clicks from our builder. You can also create your own theme using our advanced CSS editor.


You never know which device your observer is comfortable with. Thus, this elementary classroom observation form template is designed to be compatible with any device- a laptop, desktop, mobile phone or a tablet, it will perform its best on all!

Go Offline

This form template can be treated as a digital class observation sheet. How? Well, simply download our offline application on a device and make your template work on it without any internet connection being required. All you have to do is add a sync time and it’ll upload all your data to the server at the given time.

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