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Business Continuity Plan Template

Why use this Business Continuity Plan Template?

More Features of Business Continuity Plan Template

Business continuity plans are created to figure out the processes involved in creating a system of prevention and recovery from potential threats to a company. The plan ensures that the assets are protected and the company can take quick action in case of any disastrous event. This business continuity plan template from SurveySparrow can be used to find out the threats associated with the company. Many features are included in the template , some of those are listed down.

Engaging UI & Customizable

A trendy looking business continuity plan template ensures to grab full attention of the respondent resulting in answers with full clarity. This way the respondents will engage more time in filling the survey. We can also customize the template based on the requirement such as business continuity plan for COVID 19, business continuity plan for manufacturing.

Real Time Reporting

This daily or weekly template for business continuity comes with a real-time reporting feature. The beauty of this feature is that it stores the data immediately after the respondent hits the Submit button. Apart from this, it elevates the business acumen of the employees by helping them to work on the threats faced.

Conversational UI

This is a type of template which is more employee engaging and more of a conversational type. Respondents will find the template to be interesting to fill and they will enjoy filling the template rather than getting bored. This template will contain more engaging questions instead of direct questions on threat and obstacles.

Slack Integration

Employees can directly complete the bcp template form through their phone on slack. A notification will be sent to the manager every time a response is filled. In that way it will be easier to create a business continuity excel sheet based on the names of the respondents and their responses.

Case Management

Create cases based on the responses received by different respondents. These case studies will help in creating strategies through which a simple business continuity plan can be created which then can be used to overcome the threats and the obstacles.

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