Features of vendor due diligence questionnaire template

More Features of Vendor Due Diligence Questionnaire Template

With SurveySparrow, manage your vendor due diligence with less effort. The features of SurveySparrow help you to look at potential hazards by visualizing the collected information. Maintain records and decide the course of action you want to take.

Multiple Question Types

Having different types of due diligence questions in the vendor questionnaire template makes it more informational and interesting. You can add multiple choice questions, likert scale questions, open ended questions and many others. You can collect almost any type of information using our question types.

Contact Form

Collect contact information of the vendors such as name, email-id, address, designation and phone number using just a single question. Use contact params to use them throughout the form. This way, the form becomes more conversational, and personalized.

Google Sheet Integration

Enable google sheet integration to instantly collect all the responses of the due diligence assessment in a spreadsheet. Once the submit button is hit the responses will be collected and analyzed. You can access the sheet anytime through the integration tab. Based on the analysis reports are generated which can be further used to finalize the potential vendor.

Share at Ease

This vendor due diligence questionnaire can be shared with multiple vendors via email, SMS or weblinks. Use custom URL feature to create a URL of your own and share it with the vendors. You can have the URL of your choice. That way, the questionnaire looks trustworthy and you’ll receive more responses.

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