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Shipping Request Form Template

Reasons to use our Shipping Request Form Template

Streamline your shipping services with our Shipping Request Form Template

With this shipping request form template, you can get any number of items ready to be shipped easily. Reduce tons of manual effort and streamline your operations the cool way with the help of our advanced features. Make no room for confusions, carve convenience, and deliver perfection effortlessly. Read on to check out some more features of this template.

Device Compatible

A shipping request needn’t always be made from a proper office or any formal space. They can even be raised on the go, while a person is traveling in a subway or riding a pillion on a motorcycle. When you need to cater this flexibility to your agents, you can always make use of our forms that allow for device compatibility. Meaning, you can allow employees to access and fill out the form through the device of their choice. Device compatibility ensures that the forms are 100% mobile-friendly and can be accessed and completed through smartphones effortlessly. You can also view and fill out the forms from a laptop, tablet, or even a personal computer. You can also distribute the form via multiple channels such as SMS, email, QR code, website, portal, social media, and more.


Another highlight of this shipping request form is that you can customize it to the last pixel. By customizability, we not only mean creating beautiful forms but also creating smart forms. Create beautiful forms by adding themes from our gallery, or create a theme by making it from scratch. You can also add images or videos as backgrounds. Carve them to perfection by using CSS customization. Create smart forms by employing conditional logic, variables, and more inside the forms. You can make use of skip and display logic to show only the relevant questions. Use answer piping and dig into each of the previous responses. Get upto 40% higher response and completion rates this way.

White Labeling

Make your forms yours by retaining and reflecting your identity to the last pixel. Say hello to end-to-end white labeling, which lets you customize your forms to match the identity of your online business or courier service, or any other brand. You can bring in your company’s fonts, logo, and color palettes inside this shipment request form. You can even use favicons and host the form on your custom domain. The benefits of this white labeling are two-fold: one, you can boost the respondent’s confidence and trust to achieve improved response rates. Two, you can stand out from the crowd easily with this feature. White labeling is a win-win for all!

Custom Workflows

Streamline your tasks even more by making the best use of custom workflows. You can go from response submission to resolution easily. Assign & automate real-time actions based on the responses to streamline tasks better. You can also schedule automation based on any number of conditions, workflow milestones, or a specific time. Automatically route feedback to the right team. Cover micro or macro actions & control crucial outcomes in the better way. This way, you can save a ton load of manual effort and time and automate several actions, even including reminder emails.

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