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Rental Application Form Template

Why Use This Rental Application Form

Transform Your Rental Application Process with Conversational Forms

Replace traditional rental application forms with digital conversational forms with SurveySparrow. It enhances form filling experience and helps you collect data in an organized way, saving time.

Conversational Form

Enhance the form-filling experience by making it conversational using SurveySparrow. Use interactive messages, gifs, emojis, and pictures to engage the form. Unlike directly asking applicants for the details, engage them in a conversation. The unique experience indirectly improves your brand remembrance.

Collect Pictures & Documents

Using the file upload question, collect pictures, id proof, and address proof for documentation purposes. After the applicants fill residential rental application, access the documents in the dashboard. Get rid of the hassles of collecting and managing papers in physical form.

Automated Email Notifications

Configure the platform to get notifications immediately after an applicant fills out the residential rental form. Property owners stay updated with the application and can instantly connect with the home lookers to close the deal. Customize the email content as per your needs.

Skip/Display Logic

Make your tenant application form concise using skip/display logic. Ask only relevant details based on previous responses by applying logic to questions. Add logic to any question type, and display or skip questions based on the choices made, words used, answered, or unanswered.

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