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Loan Application Form Template

This loan application form template will help you process loans quickly by collecting primary relevant information such as personal and contact details, occupational background, and type of loan. Provide quick services to your customers while streamlining the process for your loan executives.

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Features of Loan Application Form Template

Add a conversational touch to your loan application forms!


Use Cases of  Loan Application Form Template


Real Estate Industry: Property Purchase Loan

Efficiently handle property purchase loan applications in the real estate industry using our form. Collect essential information such as property details, employment history, and desired loan amount. This streamlined process ensures prompt customer service while enabling your loan officers to evaluate applications swiftly and make informed lending decisions.

Education Sector: Student Loan Application

Simplify student loan applications for educational institutions with our tailored form. Gather key details like course information, academic background, and loan duration. Expedite the loan approval process, facilitating better financial support for students. This optimized approach enables administrators to process applications seamlessly and provide timely assistance to aspiring learners.

Small Business Financing: Business Loan Request

Cater to small business owners seeking financial assistance by utilizing our form. Capture crucial business specifics, including business type, revenue details, and funding requirements. Enhance the turnaround time for loan approvals, empowering your lending team to evaluate applications efficiently. This customized solution aids in delivering rapid financial solutions to entrepreneurs, promoting business growth.

Medical Industry: Healthcare Equipment Loan

For medical facilities in need of equipment financing, our form proves invaluable. Collect pertinent information such as equipment details, facility type, and desired loan term. Accelerate the loan processing for medical equipment acquisitions, enabling your medical institution to provide quality care promptly. This industry-focused approach streamlines the evaluation process for loan officers, ensuring medical facilities get the equipment they need quickly.


Benefits of Using This Loan Application Form Template


Conversational and Engaging Form Experience

Move beyond traditional form-filling with a conversational interface, including emojis, GIFs, and engaging messages. This approach makes the application process more enjoyable, increasing engagement and completion rates. A unique, conversation-like experience can set your application process apart, making it memorable for applicants.

Multiple Sharing Options

Share your basic loan application form via WhatsApp, SMS, direct links, and QR codes. Easily embed the form on your website, either inline or as a popup, using a shortcode. These varied sharing options enhance the accessibility of your form, reaching a wider audience.

Brand-Friendly Customization

Customize colors, fonts, button colors, and questionnaire backgrounds to align with your brand guidelines. A form that mirrors your brand’s look and feel appears more authentic and trustworthy to applicants.

Library of Question Types

Over 20 question types, including file uploads for documents, signature-type questions, and consent forms. This flexibility allows for comprehensive data collection, catering to various aspects of the loan application process.

Integration with Google Sheets

Collect all responses directly in Google Sheets, enabling efficient data management and analysis. Enjoy the convenience of real-time updates and organized data for streamlined processing.


How to use this loan application form template



Customize the form to reflect your brand, with options to add your logo and use brand colors. Create engaging welcome and thank you pages for a personalized touch. Over 20 question types are available, including options for file and image uploads. In the image upload feature, applicants can easily take pictures using their camera, offering convenience and ease of use. The customization options make the form dynamic and interactive, enhancing user engagement.


Seamlessly integrate your form with platforms like Google Sheets and Excel Online for efficient data management and real-time updates. This integration facilitates automated data collection and organization, reducing manual effort.


Share your form via various channels such as direct links, SMS, email, or embed it on a webpage. Use short codes to embed the form inline or as a popup, and even utilize QR codes for easy access. These sharing options ensure your form is accessible to a broad audience, increasing the likelihood of higher response rates.


Easily export collected data to a CSV file for further analysis or record-keeping. Utilize the dashboard to filter and sort application data, helping you quickly find the needed information. Observe and analyze data effectively to understand applicant demographics and behaviors. This step helps in gaining insights into the loan applicants, aiding in better decision-making and strategy formulation.


Create, Integrate, and Share in a snap


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