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Product Design Questionnaire Template

This product design questionnaire focuses on the design aesthetics of your product. It is a product design survey used to know what your customers think of the product’s design, if it’s ergonomically sound, aesthetically pleasing, and usage friendly.

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Features of Product Design Questionnaire

Add conversational touch to your product design feedback


How SurveySparrow could help manage the product design process more effectively


Communication is vital in cases where the product design takes place quickly and also assists in giving support. There are various tools and features offered by SurveySparrow that can make designing a product quite easy. Here’s how it can help:

Gather user feedback at every stage of the design process :

Understand your target audience through demographic inquiries, collect prototype feedback with visual question types like image-type questionnaires and interactive sliders at post-launch, and assess user sentiment and improvement areas using NPS and satisfaction surveys.

Prioritizing Features and Making Data-driven Decisions :

Use visual charts to assess user requirements and their influence to rank feature requests, identify patterns in feedback for better design decision-making, and spot improvement opportunities through innovation via segmenting and filtering survey data depending on a user’s demographics, attributes, and desires.

Improving Communication and Collaboration among Stakeholders

Provide shareable survey results in real-time with stakeholders for alignment, use customized reports and dashboards to visualize critical findings, enhance collaboration during feedback via comments/discussion threads to ensure detailed knowledge and informed making using the collaborative dashboard feature.

Measuring the Success of the Product Design Process

Monitoring of user satisfaction with the help of customized customer surveys, analysis of the adoption pattern from product usage analytics through regular updates, and continual optimization of product experiences are all possible thanks to the recurrence feature.

White Label Solution

Make this product design survey uniquely yours. Customize every element, including the survey URL, using our custom URL feature. Beyond aesthetic modifications with our intuitive builder, you have the option to remove SurveySparrow branding for a fully personalized experience.

Journey Chart

The journey chart feature offers a dynamic way to visualize customer metrics. Track the customer’s journey through insightful charts, identify key touchpoints, and refine your product design to enhance customer satisfaction. Maintain continuous engagement with your customers and understand their evolving preferences.

Embedding Options

Easily embed this questionnaire on your website for direct and honest feedback about your product design. Formulate the right questions to gain valuable insights. Embedding the survey into emails is straightforward too—no coding skills required. We provide the code; you simply copy and paste it.

Seamless Third-Party App Integration

Extend the capabilities of SurveySparrow beyond collecting responses and visualizing data. Enhance your marketing strategies, lead capture, management, ticketing system, and data analysis by integrating with popular third-party applications like Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Google Sheets, and Power BI.


Sample Questions for Product Design Questionnaire Template


  1. When you think about products/services in this category, what comes to mind? What are your experiences and frustrations with these products?
  2. Describe a perfect product or service for your needs. What features and qualities would it possess?
  3. How do you envision using this product in your daily life or work routine?
  4. What aspects of design could significantly enhance the usability and appeal of similar products?
  5. Can you share specific examples of design elements or functionalities you find impressive or effective in other products?
  6. How important is a product’s emotional appeal or aesthetic value in your decision-making process?
  7. How do you perceive the relationship between design and functionality in a product?
  8. What are your thoughts on the current trends in product design within a category? Are there any trends you particularly like or dislike?
  9. In what ways do you think this product could improve upon what’s already available in the market?
  10. When considering a new product purchase, what factors beyond functionality influence your decision?

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