Features of Photo Consent Form Template

More Features of Photo Consent Form Template

An individual fills out a photo consent form to give permission for images taken of them or images under their control to be shared with others. The process of taking permission from the photographer is a tedious process. With this consent form template by SurveySparrow, the process of collecting consent for the use of photos on social media, visual media, flyers, etc, becomes easy. This template comes with a variety of features.

Beautiful Surveys

We know how crucial it is to make the survey look credible. You can also customize this consent to photograph form the way you want. Despite the fact that there are a lot of pre-built themes available, you can still create a theme of your own. You can also use photos, backgrounds, fonts, and videos to make the survey look appealing.

Conversational Questionnaire

Have a conversation using this consent to photography form instead of just asking direct questions. Make the form more conversational by using emojis and messages. A well-designed engaging survey will give the photographer better clarity to give the consent to use the pictures.

Library of Question Types

You may choose from a range of question types in this photography permission form template. Select the question type based on the type of answers you contemplate from the photographer. The precise question type chosen can make it easier for photographers to react to the template with better clarity and even minimize the time required to retrieve the relevant shot.

Device Friendly

This template can be used on any device such as mobile, laptops, and tablets. The respondents can prefer to choose any device to fill out the form. Its offline feature also makes it easier for the respondents to fill in the form anywhere at any time irrespective of internet connectivity.

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