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All About Check Request Forms

In the modern world of business, gone are the days of cash transactions for any products or service. Checks are one of the most commonly used modes of payment in such situations. Examples of these would be paid for subscriptions, registrations, membership dues, honorariums, etc.

In certain instances, when the invoice of this payment hasn’t been shared or isn’t prepared yet, it is standard practice to fill out a check request form during the payment request procedure.

Along with the request form, the person has to back it by producing necessary documentation regarding the purchase, which includes the payment amount, product/ service description, name of the payee, and also payment reason.

Based on the nature of the transaction, other details are also needed, such as, mode of payment, the contact information of the payer and payee, and also a detailed list of the expenditures that are to be approved by a responsible party.

Check request forms can be used for travel expenses, to collect membership or subscription dues, accounts payable check request form, relocation check request form, rebate check request form, etc.

What is the significance of check request forms?

The adoption of check request forms as a mode of payment is becoming more common with every passing day. This is primarily because of the ease with which any company can use this method to pay the vendors or any individual or even to a company for the services or products delivered.

It also has an advantage as it can be used for minor payments as well, such as workshops, minor supplies, or any one-time payments. Anyone with the backing of the required documents as proof can make a request for the check.

Examples of a few check request forms

Below are some of the most commonly used check request forms

  • Duplicate check request
  • PTO activities request
  • Check reimbursement request
  • Checkbook request form
  • Check payment request form

What to include and how to fill a check request form?

While filling out a check request form, the person responsible must clearly mention the grounds of the payment, payment amount, date, and also other details of the payee which includes the necessary documents required. For example, in the event of short contract service, the contract agreement details must be provided in the check request form.

Given below are the the basic details that are to be included in a check request form,

  • Date of request
  • Department’s name from where check will come from
  • Due date of invoice
  • Direct pay or partial pay
  • Mailing addresses
  • Payee details
  • Vendor ID
  • Document stating the official purpose of payment
  • Approvals
  • Bank account details
  • Invoice number
  • Date of billing
  • Check amount

Other than these, other details also can be included. You can customize our simple check request form template using the builder to add more fields or questions.

One must look into detail on the nature of the service and accordingly provide the necessary documents. Incomplete check request forms are not entertained and will require resubmission.

Advantages of using an online check request form

Since most of the business transactions are moving online, it’s necessary to stay up with the trend. But, being trendy is not the only reason for using online check requests. They surely offer a lot of benefits.

Less or No Paperwork

Physical check requests include not only the request forms, but also various documents attached to it as proofs. When the process goes online, all the forms are used in a digital format. So, it reduces the chances of losing the documents and also solves the space problem in your office.

Track Anytime

Using our online check request form template, you can track the entries anytime from anywhere. You can even generate a PDF report and keep a record of the payment requests made during the month, quarter or a whole year. If you need to find that one check from a pile of papers, you know how much time it’ll take!

Speed up the process

With online check requests, any vendor or individual from any part of the world can make the check requests and the payments can be cleared within minutes!

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