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Business Impact Analysis Questionnaire Template

A Business Impact Analysis (BIA) questionnaire is used by organizations to assess the potential impact of various disruptions or incidents on their business operations. It collects information about critical business processes, dependencies, resources, and recovery requirements from key stakeholders.

The information gathered helps businesses to plan recovery strategies to come out of crisis.

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Feature of Business Impact Analysis Questionnaire Template

Identify your business weaknesses with this BIA Questionnaire


Who fills this questionnaire?


The BIA questionnaire is typically filled out by key stakeholders and representatives from various departments within an organization.

  • Business unit leaders
  • IT personnel
  • Human resources (HR) representatives
  • Finance and accounting staff
  • Operations managers
  • Risk management and compliance personnel
  • Supply chain managers
  • Marketing and communications personnel

In larger organizations, there may be designated continuity or resilience teams tasked with overseeing the BIA process and coordinating responses across various departments.


How often is this questionnaire circulated?


The frequency of BIA questionnaire circulation isn’t standardized and depends on several factors:

  • Risk Tolerance: Organizations with a higher tolerance for risk might conduct BIAs less frequently, while those with stricter risk management practices might do them more often.
  • Industry Regulations: Some industries have regulations mandating BIA frequency.
  • Changes in Business Operations: If a business undergoes significant changes, like implementing new technology or expanding into new markets, a BIA update might be necessary.

However, best practices suggest conducting a BIA at least every two years. This ensures the information considers current business processes and potential threats.


Benefits of this Business Impact Analysis Questionnaire Template


Mobile Friendly

Use the questionnaire on different devices like smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. It adjusts to fit any screen size, even on kiosks. Stakeholders can easily participate in the BIA process regardless of their device.

Offline Use

The questionnaire can be filled even without an internet. Just set up the SurveySparrow app on your device and start using the questionnaire anytime, anywhere. This is useful during emergencies or situations where internet access may be limited. Stakeholders can still complete the questionnaire and contribute valuable insights.

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Two Formats

Choose between two formats. One is conversational, showing one question per screen. The other format displays all questions on a single page for quick and easy access. You can customize the template for both formats using the builder.

File Upload Feature

Stakeholders can easily attach relevant documents, plans, and data directly to the questionnaire. This streamlines the information-gathering process and ensures that critical insights and resources are readily accessible during BIA analysis and decision-making.

Unique Question Types

The builder includes special question types like rank order, group rank order, heatmap, and more. This enhances the depth and breadth of data collected during the BIA process, providing valuable insights.

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Steps to use this BIA questionnaire template


Step 1: Customize

Tailor the questionnaire to fit your organization’s branding and preferences. Edit background colors, fonts, and even add video backgrounds for a personalized touch. Utilize the welcome and thank you pages to provide context and appreciation. With Surveysparrow’s AI wing feature, effortlessly rephrase questionnaire for clarity and tone. Advanced users can apply CSS for further customization.

Step 2: Integrate with Third-Party Apps

Seamlessly integrate with third-party apps like Google Sheets and Zapier to streamline data management and connectivity. Use Google Sheets to collect and organize survey responses in real-time. Zapier integration allows you to connect with a wide range of applications, expanding functionality and automating workflows.

Step 3: Share

Distribute the questionnaire to stakeholders using multiple sharing options. Share via link, SMS, email, or embed it directly on your organization’s webpage. Generate QR codes for convenient access. This ensures widespread participation and engagement across various channels.

Step 4: Check Responses in the Dashboard

Monitor responses and analyze data effortlessly within the dashboard. Export responses to CSV format for further analysis or reporting purposes. Utilize filters and widgets in the dashboard to gain insights and track trends, empowering informed decision-making and action planning.

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