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E-Banking Questionnaire Template

Features of E-banking Questionnaire Template

More Features Of E Banking Questionnaire

Personalize the customer experience by collecting feedback from the customers related to the mobile banking system using this e banking questionnaire. Use features and integrations of SurveySparrow to make the questionnaire interesting for the customers.

Conversational UI

Conversate with your customer directly through this mobile banking questionnaire. Add various emojis, gifs and short messages and make it engaging for the customers. Make it conversational by adding different question types. This feature lets the customer answer the questions with full clarity.

Mobile SDK

Embed the digital banking questionnaire directly in your native bank’s android or IOS app. This feature makes the questionnaire easily accessible for the customers. Using this feature you can trigger the questionnaire in your app using just a few lines of code, and analyze all the customer feedback in SurveySparrow’s reporting module.

Share At Ease

Let the customers access the questionnaire directly from daily communication apps using this sharing feature. You can share the questionnaire via SMS, embed in mail or share a web link with the customers. Generate a short URL with the bank’s name in it and share with customers.

GoogleSheet Integration

Integrate this questionnaire on internet banking with GoogleSheets and directly collect their response in google spreadsheet. Avoid toggling between the apps and directly sync the questionnaire with this integration. Use the collected data to generate reports on the customer feedback.

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