Features of Photography Order Form Template

More Features of Photography Order Form Template

Managing your daily orders, tracking your previous ones or even accepting new orders is quite a task especially if you’re doing it manually. We understand the turmoil you must go through. Use it for any photography order – from sports to shoots, from wedding to birthdays – it fits in everywhere!

Voice Transcription

Give your clients the comfort to speak rather than typing long sentences. This makes it easier for you to understand the requirements of your customers better. Simply turn on the voice transcription button while you build the form. This will enable the mic button when the client is responding. And they can just click on the buttons and start speaking.

Multiple-Sharing Option

Share your Photography Order Form Template using multiple options. Send the form using emails, SMSes, links or any social media platform. You could also share QR codes. Sharing your form via multiple media lets you reach out to your customers more and easily.

Gain Rich Insights

This form template comes with features like cross-tabulation, real-time reporting, advanced reports filters, mail notification and many more. The real-time reporting feature saves the responses soon after the submit button is hit while the cross-tabulation and advanced reports filter feature helps you in sorting your data. You can sort your data based on different criteria like date, customer name, degree of completion, time-period and more.

Send Reminders

It is really hectic to track and find the customers who didn’t or have partially filled up the form. But, we got your back here too! Add specific intervals for reminders and relax. This template will automatically trigger emails to all those who’ve not or have partially filled the form, making your life easier!

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