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Pre Event Planning Questionnaire Template

Features of this Pre Event Planning Questionnaire Template

More Features of Pre Event Planning Questionnaire Template

This questionnaire template comes with a plethora of features. Use them smartly to make the most of it. Read along to know more.

Ask the relevant questions

Make your pre-event planning survey short, crisp and concise. Use the display or skip logic feature to ask questions that are relevant to your respondent. Display or skip questions for your respondents based on the options/answers they’ve given previously, thus making it more engaging for them.

Go offline

Want to conduct a drive and find out if the event you’re planning is what your respondents are looking for? No worries. Just download our offline application on your device and get started with the survey! This template will work perfectly even when there’s no internet connection so you can get on with it without any hassle. Set a particular time and the template will automatically upload all the responses to your server at the given time.

Sort your data

Compare and contrast responses of your previous event planning surveys and the present one to understand the trend and the needs of your respondents. You can also segregate the responses based on timeline, questions, answers, respondent-details and a lot more. And what’s more interesting? You can save this sorted data and access it later!

Multilingual Questionnaire

You heard us right! Your respondents can fill out this questionnaire in the language they’re comfortable in. This template supports over 50 languages and comes with an in-built Google translator! Smart, isn’t it?

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